Class 101 - Machine Maintenance

The purpose of this kit is to teach the initial things you need to know when you first are getting acquainted with a longarm machine. The kit can be used as a delivery kit, in a maintenance class, or to self-teach the beginner basics of machine care and adjustments. We suggest that upon delivery of a longarm this piece of fabric can be used as the first piece of fabric to be pinned to the frame. It has a centering mark at the top and bottom. It teaches the basics of threading, starting to sew, and stopping, lining up to connect thread stitching, and meandering. 40 parts are listed and numbers to acquaint you with the part names. There are pictures of foot height adjustments, hopping foot adjustments, oiling suggestions, tension adjustments, needle changing and needle adjustment. The edge has figure 8’s lightly stamped on the fabric which is the shape that is stitched while we learn how to adjust our tensions. Everything taught in this kit is essential. After the piece has been quilted it serves as a reference and is extremely helpful when you are first starting to quilt.

Class 102 - Laserlight & Pantograph

The purpose of this kit is to teach how to use a laser light and pantograph. The first third of the fabric has dotted markers on the edge that will help to line up stacked rows of edge to edge quilting. The center section will teach how to center a block, or a block on point or circular pattern. Lightly printed centering marks act as guides to the middle section of block setting. The bottom section will teach how to stagger, overlap, or invert rows of edge to edge work. The directions are printed and included along with the kit. 

Class 103 - Freemotion & Feathers

The purpose of this fabric kit is to teach the basic shapes to free motion designs and how to stitch those designs into the quilt. The fabric has small centering dots on the margin to help you line up the top and backs. Explanations for pattern such as meandering, loops, c-pattern, plume, free hand roses, spirals, echo quilting, spikes, s-shapes, olives, leaf work, wind, water, and floral designs are all included. This is a beginner class and has all the basics you need to be confident in free handing. This class works for longarm quilting machines, sit down style quilting machines and regular domestic sewing machines that have the ability to free motion.

Class 107 - Beginner Computer

 This fabric kit is the base for beginner computerized quilting. Small marks appear on the fabric to teach you how to pick a location for a pattern. In the top one third of the fabric you will learn how to do edge to edge work with the computer. The black area in the center is for a special table runner stitch out that has shapes to fill with patterns. In the table runner section you will learn how to set a pattern into a circle, triangle, on point block or rectangle, You will learn how the edit menu works as far as scaling to size, scaling in or out of proportion, mirror image, repeating patterns, rotating patterns, and setting a new a start point.

The last third of the fabric is to teach how to trace and record a pattern and play it back for stitch out. Many, many other aspects of beginning computerized quilting are addressed in this class. If you are thinking about owning a computerized quilting machine and especially if you are a new owner of either a Shirley Stitcher or a Quilt
Magician or Android Quilt EZ product this would be a very, very important class for you.